THE 12th Sugiyama Laboratory Open Symposium

“Challenges and Opportunities of New Concepts and Tools for analyzing pharmacokinetics, drug delivery and pharmacodynamics.”

Date : Oct 16 (Tue) 13:40-17:55 , 2018

Place : RIKEN Yokohama Main Building Hall 


Registration Fee : Free

    Banquet fee: \ 3,000 18:00-19:50


Registration ; mail to  yslab.secretary [at] with below information.


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※ no later than Oct 10th, 2018 Japan time


※ We will inform all participants about the password for  viewing abstract.


 This Symposium is a part of the RIKEN Symposium Series.

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13:40-13:45    Opening remarks
                       Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)


13:45-14:15    The application of QSP in Pharmaceutical Industry.

                       Akihiro Yamada (Astellas Pharma Inc.)


14:15-14:45    Advances in predicting pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions.

                       Hiroyuki Kusuhara (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN)


14:45-15:15    Advances of quantitative proteomics for personalized therapies.

                       Sumio Ohtsuki (Kumamoto University / RIKEN)


15:15-15:35    Coffee break


15:35-16:25  【Plenary lecture】

                      Development of the integrated cancer medical system using artificial intelligence:                         Towards the realization of Precision Medicine.

                      Ryuji Hamamoto (National Cancer Center / RIKEN)


16:25-16:55    Intracellular environment-responsive material (ssPalm), as a technology for the                           DNA/RNA-based immune-engineering.

                       Hidetaka Akita (Chiba University)


16:55-17:10    In silico method for classifying drugs depending on clearance mechanism.

                       Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)


17:10-17:40    In silico prediction of drug clearance mechanism by CPathPred at early drug discovery


                       Kimio Tohyama (Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited)


17:40-17:55    General Discussion

           Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)

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