THE 13th Sugiyama Laboratory Open Symposium

“New challenges for in vitro and in vivo extrapolations with regard to DDI and clearance estimation; Albumin effect and critical scaling factors”

Date : Feb 22 (Fri) 13:00-17:35 , 2019

Place : RIKEN Yokohama Main Building Hall 


Registration Fee : Free

    Banquet fee: \ 3,000 17:45-19:20


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 This Symposium is a part of the RIKEN Symposium Series.

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13:00-13:05    Opening remarks
                       Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)

13:05-14:00    【Plenary lecture】
                      Visomedigib and Venetoclax: Approved Drugs with Unique Pharmacokinetic
                       Cornelis “Marcel” Hop (Genentech inc.)

14:00-14:35    Development of Orthogonal Linear Separation Analysis (OLSA) to                 
                       Decompose Pharmacological Effect and Extract Elementary Ones.
                       Hiroyuki Kusuhara (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN)

14:35-15:05    PBPK model of rifampicin as a perpetrator integrating bottom-up                  
                       and top-down approaches.
                       Ryuta Asaumi (Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

15:05-15:25    Coffee break

15:25-15:55    Analysis of drug-drug interactions of pitavastatin and rosuvastatin                 
                       with oral or intravenous administration of rifampicin using PBPK                 
                       Mayuko Miyagawa (Astellas Pharma Inc.)

15:55-16:25    Application of PBPK modeling to renal OCT2 and MATEs mediated                 
                       DDIs: Predicting changes in renal clearance and blood AUC caused by             
                       the transporter inhibitors.            
                       Kotaro Nishiyama (Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd.)

16:25-16:55    In vitro and in vivo extrapolation of hepatic uptake clearances for                 
                       drugs with high protein binding accounted for the "albumin                     
                       mediated" hepatic uptake mechanism.
                       Seiji Miyauchi (Toho University / RIKEN)

16:55-17:35    General Discussion
                       Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)

17:45-19:20    Banquet (Cafeteria at Yokohama RIKEN)

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