THE 14th Sugiyama Laboratory Open Symposium

“From Drug screening, selection, translation to clinical development”

Date : Oct. 11 (Fri) 12:30-17:50 , 2019

Place : RIKEN Yokohama Main Building Hall 


Registration Fee : Free

    Banquet fee: \ 3,000 18:00-19:45


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 This Symposium is a part of the RIKEN Symposium Series.

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12:30-12:35    Opening remarks
        Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)

12:35-13:15    【Key note Lecture】
        ADME Characterization and Application of Translational Modeling in Drug Discovery;
    impact, opportunities and challenges
        Marjoleen Nijsen (AbbVie Inc.)

13:15-13:45    【Special Lecture】

        Translational and reverse translational research on pediatric liver diseases
        Hisamitsu Hayashi (The University of  Tokyo)

13:45-17:05      [Round table discussion on “From Drug screening, selection, translation to
                         clinical development”]

    13:45-14:10    Prediction of major clearance pathway using in silico approach.
                          Kimio Tohyama (Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited)

    14:10-14:35    Application of in silico ADME prediction in drug discovery stage.
                          Daisuke Sugiyama (DAIICHI SANKYO COMPANY, LIMITED)

    14:35-15:00    Prediction of human hepatic clearance for OATP1B substrate drugs by in vitro-in
                          vivo extrapolation approaches
                          Yoshitane Nozaki (Eisai Co., Ltd.)

    15:00-15:25    Coffee break

    15:25-15:50    Extended Clearance Classification System (ECCS) approach in drug discovery -
                          OAT2 contribution to hepatic clearance for ECCS1A compounds
                          Emi Kimoto (Pfizer Inc.)

    15:50-16:15    Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacogenomics Characterization of Compound X -
                          From Discovery to Clinic.
                          Ryota Kikuchi (AbbVie Inc.)

    16:15-16:40    Prediction and mechanistic evaluation of clinical DDI with transporter endogenous
                          Kenta Yoshida (Genentech inc.)

    16:40-17:05    The Strategic implementation of MIDD in the early clinical development.
                          Akihiro Yamada (Astellas Pharma Inc.)

17:05-17:50    General discussion
                          Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)

18:00-19:45    Banquet (Cafeteria at Yokohama RIKEN)

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