THE 15th Sugiyama Laboratory Open Symposium

““New challenges for in vitro - in vivo extrapolation with regard to DDI, clearance and drug response”

Date : Feb. 7 (Fri) 13:00-17:40 , 2020

Place : RIKEN Yokohama Main Building Hall 


Registration Fee : Free

    Banquet fee: \ 3,000 17:50-19:50



※ We will inform all participants about the password for  viewing abstract.



This Symposium is a part of the RIKEN Symposium Series.


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13:00-13:05     Opening remarks

          Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)

13:05-14:00   【Plenary lecture】
                       Renal Transporters Mediated Drug-Drug Interactions: A Company Perspective
                       Yan Zhang (Incyte Corporation)

14:00-14:40   【Keynote lecture】
                        Clinical implementation of pharmacogenomic biomarkers for avoidance of
                        severe adverse drug reactions.
                        Taisei Mushiroda (RIKEN)

14:40-15:15     Recent progress in the use of sandwich cultured hepatocytes In evaluating
                        biliary excretion clearance.
                        Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)

15:15-15:40     Coffee break

15:40-16:10     Kinetic Insights into inter-statin and inter-individual variability
                        via dose- and exposure-response relationships.
                        Yuki Iwaki (Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K.)

16:10-16:40     Investigation of utility of cerebrospinal fluid drug concentration as a
                        surrogate for interstitial fluid concentration in rats and nonhuman primates.
                        Yoshitane Nozaki (Eisai Co., Ltd.)

16:40-17:10     Recent progress in newly-developed cell systems for the characterization
                        of pharmacokinetic properties of drugs.
                        Kazuya Maeda (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN)

17:10-17:40     General Discussion
                        Yuichi Sugiyama (Sugiyama Laboratory, RIKEN)

17:50-19:50     Banquet (Cafeteria at Yokohama RIKEN)

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