Aug 19, 2013


Yuichi Sugiyama awarded

Cabin office, government of Japan issued a press release about the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry awards for projects between 2008 and 2004.

The NEDO project “Innovation strategies for drug development using micro dosing clinical studies” that Dr. Yuichi Sugiyama had led as project leader was awarded a prize. This is collectively-awarded with Professor Shinji Yamashita(Pharmaceutical Science, Setsunan University) and Mr. Mutsumi Fukuda (President & CEO, Sekisui Medical Co. Ltd.)


This prize is presented to the successful project that is evaluated as a cutting-edge and valuable one, as well as contributed to industry-university-government collaboration.


Sugiyama and his colleagues developed the innovative technology using micro dosing with safe dosage before clinical study that verifies in vivo kinetics of drug. It enables us to select drug candidates effectively and to decide whether we could advance to the next stage or not (Go/No Go decision). It is expected to be one of effective tool to reduce quite a lot of cost and time.



For more details, visit to the website of Science and Technology Policy. Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, by Cabinet office, government of Japan.