Feb 13, 2014


Yuichi Sugiyama celebrated the honorary doctorates in medicine and pharmacy

at Uppsala University


Yuichi Sugiyama, head of Sugiyama Laboratory was presented the honorary doctorates in medicine and pharmacy at Uppsala University. He was evaluated that he has been leading the research of pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenetics and drug transporter, as a world authority on pharmacology and pharmaceuticals. Major contribution to his research over the years is also highly evaluated.

This was originally announced in January 2013. Since he could not attend the ceremony at that time, this year he attended the ceremony held on Jan 24 at Uppsala University. He received the diploma, a memorial ring and cap. He also gave an honor lecture at the symposium on Jan 23.


Uppsala University is one of the most authoritative higher education institutions that was established in 1477. They produced 15 of Nobel Prize winning scientists. Uppsala Biomedical Center is one of important hub institutions in life science. Former RIKEN President Dr. Ryoji Noyori was also awarded this honorary doctorate in 2003.