“Open Symposium in Sugiyama’s laboratory Recent Development and Perspective of DMPK Research” held on June 16, 2015 successfully closed. We would like to express our deep gratitude for your support and corporation to all attendees, staff and organizers of the open symposium. 

 Co-organized by APSTJ Global Education Seminar

 Date: 12:30-17:45 June 16, 2015 (Doors open at 12:10, no social gathering)

Venue: Main building hall, RIKEN Yokohama campus

Administration fee: free

Access: http://www.yokohama.riken.jp/english/access/index.html

Dr. Scott Obach and Dr. Amit Kalgutkar from Phyzer Inc. will visit our laboratory on June 16,2015. Therefore, we have decided to invite the other Japanese speakers and hold Open symposium in Sugiyamas LaboratoryRecent Development and Perspective of DMPK Research.

The both invited doctors and all speakers including me will give a presentation which will provide the latest findings. The lectures, questions and answers will be held in English.

Please confirm below for the details including its venue and registration.  We hope many people will be interested in attending our symposium.


12:30-13:10 (30+10)  Ronald S Obach  (Pfizer)

Recent Challenges in Predicting Drug Metabolisam and How We Are Trying to Solve Them


13:10-13:50 (30+10)    Amit Kalgutkar (Pfizer)

Toxicophores in Drug Design: Potential for "Trouble"?


13:50-14:30 (30+10)    Peter Bonate (Astellas)

Compound selection based on PK/PD modeling in oncology


14:30-15:10 (30+10)    Yuichi Sugiyama (RIKEN)

Prediction of complex DDI from in vitro data on metabolism and transport


15:10-15:30    Break


15:30-15:50 (15+5)   Sumito Ito and Satoshi Senda (Genomembrane)

Joint Project with RIKEN Sugiyamas Lab: Establishment of the transporter expression system for drug-induced tissue(hepatic and renal) injury prediction


15:50-16:15 (15+10)  Yoshihisa Shitara (Meiji Seika Pharma)

Kinetic analysis of time dependent inhibition of cyclosporin A for OATP1B1 mediated hepatic uptake of substrates


16:15-16:40(15+10)   Saki Izumi and Yoshitane Nozaki (Eisai)

Impact of substrate selection on in vitro OATP1B1 inhibition profiles for the prediction of DDIs


16:40-17:05 (15+10)   Tomohisa Nakada (Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma)

Estimation of unbound intracellularmedium(plasma) concentration ratios (Kpuu) of

Poorly-Metabolised Anionic Drugs Using Rat and Human Hepatocytes


17:05- 17:30 (15+10)   Ryuta Asaumi (Ono Pharma)   

Establishment of rifampicin PBPK modeling which predicts all kinds of interactions including induction / inhibition of enzymes and transporters.


17:30-17:45  Concluding remarks      Ronald S Obach,  Yuichi Sugiyama