BioMedical Transporters 2015

The 9th international BioMedical Transporters Conference ”Membrane transporters-from basic science to drug discovery” will be held from August9-13, 2015 in Lugano, Switzerland. Dr. Yuichi Sugiyama will give a talk as the opening keynote speaker. The conference is a biennial conference and this will be the 9th conference.

Prof. Matthias A. Hediger, University of Bern, has taken the lead in the conference since the 1st conference through concentration on the basis.  Recently, sessions which are related medical drug searching and development are increased rapidly.

The conference will cover the basic and the applied transporter research as noted in attached program and its subtitle “Membrane transporters – from basic science to drug discovery”

The session topics are as below.

1Membrane transporters and channels in drug discovery

2Global analysis of the role of transporters in pathophysiology and therapy

3Membrane transporter researchassay and drug development technologies

4Genetics and epigenetics of transporters in context of diseases

5Drug transporters and drug delivery

6Structure, function and imaging of transporters

7Translation of transporter research - understanding/prediction of how drugs behave in the body

8Academia meets industry (talks and podium discussion)

9Therapeutic relevance of ion exchangers

10Neurotransmitter transporters in health and disease

11Interplay of organic cation transporters (OCTs, MATEs) in pharmacotherapy

Especially, number8”Academia meets industry (talks and podium discussion)“ is expected to be the platform which promotes the exchanges between industrial world and academic world.

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