Kota Toshimoto has been awarded the 2018 Lush Prize in the Young Researchers Asia category.

Kota Toshimoto at RIKEN’s Sugiyama Laboratory, has been awarded the 2018 Lush Prize (Young Researchers Asia Category).

The Lush Prize is one of the largest prizes in the field of animal-free toxicology research and development. It promotes alternative methods to animal experiments, and is the only award focusing on 1R*.

The category, Young Researcher (Asia), in which Mr. Toshimoto received his award, is a prize category aimed at young researchers (35 years old or younger) in the Asian region.

For details, please see the URL below (November 19, 2018 Press Release):

Research title: “Prediction in silico of major clearance pathway of drugs in vivo”

*1R: The 3Rs (“Replacement,” “Reduction” and “Refinement”) are international acceptance as guiding principles for the proper use of animals in scientific experiments, but the Lush Prize solely evaluates “Replacement,” replacing animal experiments with alternative research methods.
(cited from November 19, 2018 Press Release 2018-41 https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d6160-20181119-7561.pdf)